About us

PULAU PANGKOR HOTEL at Pasir Bogak Beach

Tatami@D’Tepi Laut PANGKOR ISLAND is the VILLA located at the very heart of Pasir Bogak Beach. This is a welcoming Pangkor Island resort for people traveling across Pangkor Island. Here, at our comfortable Pulau Pangkor hotel we always make sure that you will have any of your wishes satisfied. So, we try to support our visitors in any need. Our Villa provides comfortable accommodation. The rooms are equipped with air conditioners, TV, and any additional amenities a traveler might want… No reason to worry if you turn to need any additional service, or any problem appears during your visit to our Villa! Our personnel is highly qualified, friendly, and ready to help!

Tatami@D’Tepi Laut is neither the oldest nor the biggest Pulau Pangkor hotel. Nevertheless, we have got our own style and considerably beach villa of upholding a benchmark level of quality. Our most significant advantage over other hotels in Pangkor Island is our balanced approach. With just ten rooms, we have a quiet place to stay at. Our convenient Pangkor Island Hotel follows a Japanese concept interior design. The Villa is located 200m away from the nearest Pasir Bogak Beach Pangkor. Besides our primary services, we always have a lot of extra amenities to offer. To begin with, we offers:

– Complimentary bicycles
– Barbeque BBQ
– Motorbike rent
– Car rent
– Taxi island tour
– Watersport island hopping, and more.